Choosing Colours

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    Choosing Colours in Scrapbooking:


Many people find this the most difficult part and rightfully so! There are however a few basic factors and helpful tips to take into consideration when selecting your papers and choosing your colours in Scrapbooking:

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(1) YOUR PHOTO or PHOTOS: The specific photos for your Scrapbooking page/pages or lay-out which you are planning to use will tell you what possible colours to choose. It is not always necessarily the most prominent or exact colour in the photo. Experiment and play around with different combinations before making your final decision.

(2) PERSONALIZE the CHOICE: Focus also on choosing colours, papers and embellishments of YOUR OWN LIKING because Scrapbooking stays a personal thing at the end of the day. Remember that taste differs, and you must do your own thing in your own manner and style.

(3) THE MOOD and THEME of the PAGE: The mood and theme of the lay-out is also very important. Factors like what type of event, what occasion, what season etc. is all important for instance is it a party, vacation, funeral, birthday or formal function etc. This will influence your choice of brighter, softer, formal, beach, party etc. colours.

(4) COLOUR WHEEL or COLOUR CHART: The use of the Colour wheel or Colour chart in Scrapbooking may basically assist you in choosing various combinations of matching colours. This is a study by itself, but good to keep in mind. Depending on taste, choices like monochromatic colours etc. may suite your page as well.

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(5) CONTRASTING COLOURS: Always keep in mind that contrasting colours give a positive and striking effect. If necessary try WHITE & BLACK and LIGHT & DARK as contrasting papers. A dark photo can be lifted up and become more prominent with a lighter mat and vise versa. Multiple mats also have a wonderful uplifting effect.

(6) COMPUTOR PROGRAMS in SCRAPBOOKING: Computor programs like the Bazzill Basics Blueprints Program and Chemistry of Colour are very excited and of unthinkable great value. You are given various choices of colour-groups of which one or two will certainly satisfy your preference. Sometimes it may look a bit weird, but once you have put the pages together it will look surprizingly and amazingly good. This is real value for money.


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(A) PERSEVERANCE and PATIENCE: It is important to take your time not only in choosing papers and choosing colours, but also in planning and creating your lay-outs. Though some pages may be easy and quick and take an hour or two, creating an intricate and special page for special events or memories, may take hours on end or even days. However, never be rushed and over hasty. Your pages can always be finalized the next day or next week.

(B) BEST PHOTOS & SHOTS: Not only try and use the best quality papers, but also choose your best, well composed and well focused shots. Thereis no point in storing your best photos in a box. On the other hand, remember that you need not put every relevant photo in your album. Furthermore a series of photos from an event make most sense if they are arranged or placed chronologically. Your main photo which is the key FOCAL POINT should obviously be given predominance.

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(C) MAIN FOCUS: The main focus on all pages are always the PHOTOS. See that your striking papers and embellishments will always compliment your photos and never overwhelm them! You do not want your embellishments like ribbons, tags, charms, die-cuts etc. to be noticed more than your actual photos carrying the real message.

(D) SIMPLICITY: Many times the simplest Scrapbooking pages are the very best pages. With the proper matching colours and papers even the simplest page will be striking and adoring. It is not always necessary to fill up every bit and every space on the page. On the other hand large open spaces  may also look skimpy.

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(E) SCRAPBOOKING: A PASSION WITH A PURPOSE: Never forget that the whole Scrapbooking exercise is a SATISFYING, CREATIVE, PERSONAL, MEANINGFUL and immensely THERAPEUTIC art & craft to be thoroughly ENJOYED by yourself, your children, family and your friends!

Scrapbooking is driven by a personal PASSION, a PASSION with a WONDERFUL PURPOSE and GREAT THERAPY!!  ENJOY!!



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choosing colours

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